Create Content that Gets Ranked!

SEO (search engine optimization) is pretty cool stuff. At least I think so. And having great content is part of helping your site get ranked higher. So once you get connected to Google and do some on page SEO, it's time to start doing some content marketing. Interested in [...]


On Page SEO Helps Get You Ranked

Getting first page rankings in Google doesn’t happen by accident. It takes "on-page" search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, there is a very deliberate and researched method to use when applying on-page SEO to a website. And there is a big advantage to doing it … actually two big [...]


How to Connect to Google

Whether your selling skis, Toyo stoves or coffee, you want to get found in Google. And this doesn’t happen by accident. Getting indexed by the search engines is a multi-step process that requires knowledge, technical skill, and some creativity. Oh, and some would say, a sprinkle of fairy [...]