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Want to Rank Higher in Google? Then You Need SEO.

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SEO Can Help You

  • Improve Your Search Rankings

  • Increase Your Website Traffic

  • Get Found by More Customers

  • Out-rank Your Competition

  • Gain Insights to Grow Your Business

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the amount of traffic to your website and improving your rankings within the search engines.

It is a form of marketing that requires technical and creative skills that helps grow the visibility of your website in the search results.

Having a website doesn’t mean you have SEO. Optimizing your website for the search engines is different than designing a website. You need a trained SEO specialist to succeed.

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We build your search rankings by helping you build your business.

How is it done?

SEO is done in a variety of ways.

First, we ensure your site is getting indexed in Google by installing a sitemap, connecting you to Google Analytics and adding you to Google Search Console.

Then we get to work on optimizing each page of your site to better represent the targeted search terms you want to get found for (AKA keywords). It is also important to increase the number of outside sites that link to your website (backlinking), and optimize your content to ensure better indexing in the search engines.

Do you need SEO?

A good SEO strategy will increase the visibility of your website in the search results. This results in increased visits to your website.

There are many ways to use SEO to get new customers. You can use content marketing, on-page SEO, social media marketing, on-page seo, backlinking, guest posts, etc. Each method has its own purpose. It is important to use the right tools for the right reasons.

If your business has competitors, then a good SEO strategy is a must. Out-ranking your competition doesn’t happen by accident. It takes research, analysis and the application of proper SEO.

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We can help you rank higher in Google.

Clean Website Design


What is this?
Baseline SEO involves two steps.

  1. SEO CONNECT. Get connected to Google and Bing. This includes installing a site map so the search engines can better index your website.
  2. ON-PAGE SEO. This is the technique of optimizing your site’s content so the search engines “know” what search terms to rank you for.

Who Should Get This?
Anyone who wants there site to show in the search results with higher rankings! This is fundamental SEO.

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wordpress website design


What is this?
Ever see those local business listings at the top of the Google search results? They have icons for their website, phone number and directions. That’s local search result.

Local search gets prioritized in mobile devices. Right at the top. It’s called the “Three Pack”. If you are not in the top three, you may as well not exist.

Who Should Get This?
Anyone with a local business that has more than two competitors. You want to get in the “three pack”!

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Great Mobile Websites


What is this?
Power SEO is a full-on SEO strategy that is committed to getting your business ranked higher than your competitors.

It involves on-page SEO, local SEO, keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, digital marketing and more.

Who Should Get This?
If you need more leads, need to out-rank your competition or are a startup business that needs to get found in Google, then an SEO campaign is for you.

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Baseline SEO 1.0: The first step to getting found in Google.

Connect to Google - SEO


Baseline SEO 2.0: The secret sauce to getting ranked in search engines.

Connect to Google - SEO

Get Baseline SEO and Save!

Baseline SEO is for websites that have very little SEO work done on them. It combinesOn Page SEO and SEO Connect in to one affordable package. Just:



Bring more leads to your business.

Google business local SEO

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Gain authority and dominate your competition.

Connect to Google - SEO

More About Power SEO

If we had a motto for our Power SEO campaigns, it would be, “We take no prisoners”.

Start Ranking Higher with Power SEO

Proven Results

Tracked, Measured and Reported

Google Analytics - Previous Month Comparison
Google Analytics - Search Engine Performance
Tracking Progress with Analytics
Google Business Listing - Visits Report
Google Business - Three Month Tracking Report Shows Steady Progress
Google Business - Site Visibility/Views

Above are actual client statistics showing increases in search traffic, phone calls, time on page and more. We provide monthly reports outlining all our work and progress.


SEO Audit*

$199Full Site
  • Learn How to Optimize Your Pages
  • Research What Keywords to Target
  • Evaluate Your Sites Code Quality
  • Discover Missing SEO Elements
  • Website Backlink Report
  • Evaluate Meta Data (Title & Descriptions)
  • 40 Minute Live & Recorded SEO Consultation

Baseline SEO**

  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Connect to Google Search Console
  • Install Sitemap
  • On Page SEO (upto 3 pages)
  • Keyword Research & Implementation
  • Local & Business Listing Optimization
  • One Hour SEO Consultation

Power SEO***

  • All of Baseline SEO
  • Track Rankings of upto 20 Keywords
  • Competitor Analysis & Tracking
  • Content Optimization & Creation
  • Implementation of Backlinking Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly SEO Consultation

* If you buy an SEO package, we will reduce the package price by the cost of your audit (-$99).

** Baseline SEO may include additional types of optimization based on what has already been implemented on the site.

*** Power SEO requires a three-month minimum commitment. Price listed is the minimum starting amount.