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A good digital marketing strategy uses multiple platforms to increase your brand awareness and convert online visitors into customers. We can help with:

  • Your Website

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Online Ads (Pay Per Click)

  • Reputation Management (Online Reviews)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Local Business Listings

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Digital marketing is about brand awareness and managing your online assets.

We do a thorough audit of all your online assets and then rate them according to their branding strength. Factors in this rating include:

  • Design of Website

  • Optimization of SEO

  • Frequency of Post

  • Number of Followers

  • Recency of Updates

  • Quality of Content

  • Indexing in Search Engines

  • Number of Social Platforms

  • Consistency of Message

  • and more…

The results of this audit help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of each asset and the effects they will have on your marketing efforts.

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Online Presence Audit


An effective and affordable way to reach more customers.

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Basic Brand & Sale

  • Two General Brand Ads/mth
  • Two Sale Ads/mth
  • Custom Audience Targeting
  • Facebook Ads or Google Ads
  • Monthly Progress Reporting


If you want to establish a web presence for your business then our Basic Brand & Sale package is for you. You get two branding ads each month that highlight your seasonal products and services. You also get one sale ad that promotes any special deals or sales that you are offering to your customers.

Each ad is delivered to a customized audience to help ensure your products and services are seen by those who are most likely to want and need them.

Our basic package is a great way to get into digital marketing. And the results are completely measurable and delivered to you each month.

High Ticket & Traffic

  • Two General Brand Ads/mth
  • Four Product Specific Ads/mth
  • Two Sale/Buy Now Ads
  • One Custom “Lead Capture” Page
  • Facebook, YouTube & Google Ads


If you have a big ticket item (think cars, boats, houses, etc), or a lot of products to choose from, then you need more than just “buy now” ads. Marketers know it takes “seven touches” before a lead becomes a sale. In other words, a potential customer will do seven online “research sessions” before deciding who to buy from.

This is what digital marketing is all about. We help you increase your “touches” by tracking your audience and delivering relevant content to those researching high-ticket items.

This plan is also good for high traffic stores that sell a variety of products and have multiple sales.

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