How to Prevent your Website from getting Hacked

Let's face it, getting hacked sucks. It’s scary and confusing. The most common question I hear is, “Why would a hacker want to hack my website?”. And the answer is, “It has nothing to do with you or your business.” If They Are Not Targeting Me, then Why [...]


Ten Ways to Improve Your Website

It doesn’t take much to turn away visitors from your website. Here are 10 reasons people leave websites with a bad impression of your business. 1. Site Takes Too Long to Load Let’s face, we live in an instant gratification world. If your site takes over three seconds [...]


Pros and Cons of Free Website Builders

Are you thinking about building your own website? I highly recommend it. It is fun and a great skill to learn. But not all web builders are the same. And sometimes – but not always – it’s better to just hire a designer. Free Website Builders - The [...]