Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of advertising that uses search engines, social media, email and websites to connect with, educate and influence current and prospective customers.

The buyer’s journey begins online. Digital marketing helps you get in front of customers.

How to Get More Customers

Why Use Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services


Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ad, etc.


High value, good quality content gets you ranked and trusted.


Inform your customers and get new leads with targeted email marketing.

Social Media

Build your tribe and brand awareness with a custom social media campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the most basic form of online advertising. You place an ad on Google, Facebook or YouTube. When a person clicks your ad you get charged a fee. You only pay if someone clicks your ad.

We create ads for your business based on the search terms (keywords) you want to be found for. When then display those ads in Google, Facebook and/or YouTube.

This is ideal for tourism companies, sales events and corporate marketing campaigns.

Targeting the right customers is very important. We do a thorough investigation into the most common keywords related to your business. Then we optimize your ads to target those keywords. This means your ads get shown to customers who actually looking for your services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content intended to stimulate interest in a business’s products or services.

We create content (blog, video, whitepapers, press releases, etc.) that is authoritative and relevant to your business and customers. We then distribute and promote that content throughout the internet.

The secret to having your content found in the search engines is to have other websites link to your content. This is called backlinking and it has a HUGE impact on search rankings. After we add new content to your website we actively seek other websites to link to your resources.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending latest news, product updates and other information to your mailing list. In the broadest sense, every email you send to a customer can be considered email marketing.

We create a series of emails based on the content you want to share with you customers. We then design an email template for your business so that your emails are branded to match the personality of your company.

A weekly or monthly email is a proven way to get more customers and increase sales.

It is important to send emails out on a regular schedule. Consistency builds trust. It is also important to keep growing your email list. Having a large email list is one of the best lead generation tools available for online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the process of increasing awareness of your business through social media sites. This can help you promote products and services as well as build a social following for your brand.

We work with you to create a social media strategy and then post original content on a regular basis to your social media platforms. This helps grow your social following and can spread awareness of your services, events and products.

It is important to post “engaging” content that will draw your followers into some type of action (like, share or comment). This helps your content show in your customers “timelines” and can drive traffic to your website.

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